NIK Grain Services

30+ Years of experience in the grain business working for customers

NIK was established in 1982 by four local cooperatives to pool resources and work together shipping grain by rail. The business has evolved from negotiating rates on singles in the early 1980’s to the movement of 110 car shuttles today. NIK now assists in the movement of over 40,000 railcars of grain per year to destinations across the country.

Railroad Freight Support (Unbiased freight shipment services)

NIK provides independent analysis of the freight markets for our members. We assist members in the purchase and sale of freight in the secondary market as well as directly from the UPRR and the BNSF. We provide information about potential issues affecting the railroads and consequently the grain industry. Our daily involvement in the freight markets provide enables our members to better understand the FOB and delivered values of their grain.

Railroad liaison (Serve as a liaison with the national and short line railroads)

Thirty years of working with railroads has given us the opportunity to work through all types of issues for our members. We have assisted our members with the startup of more than 15 new shuttle loading facilities. We help manage railcar orders and communicate our member’s needs with the railroads to provide as much flexibility as possible. Through so many years of experience working together our members appreciate the swift and efficient handling of issues that arise in shipping grain by rail.

To learn more about the Grain Services of NIK or to inquire about a potential membership please contact NIK via email or call 1-800-242-0034.


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