NIK Fertilizer Services

NIK started purchasing fertilizer for its members back in the early 1990’s. The strategic move allowed members of NIK the ability to pool their annual fertilizer needs together through a broad Nebraska geography. As NIK grew into Iowa, Kansas and Oklahoma in the mid 1990’s and early 2000’s the geography stretched and the volume of fertilizer commodities expanded greatly. Today that experience and lesson gained from working with retailers from central Oklahoma through Kansas, Nebraska and into Iowa allows for better decision making on every transaction. Better decisions provide for increased margins and competitive advantages for NIK members over their peer retailers.

In order to keep KEY personnel informed on daily and weekly price movements and market information among the domestic and global markets, NIK holds weekly conference calls bringing together NIK research as well as outside market information which plays a key role in making those timely decisions. At times outside experts from the industry participate and bring their foresight to the conference call encouraging discussion among the group.

Members improve the efficiency of their local operations based on less time relearning the market every few weeks. Through NIK, members have relationships with every key player in the fertilizer industry to maintain that competitive edge. All of our members have access to these associates in the fertilizer commodity industry but find NIK personnel stay ahead of the chatter and bring common sense information into the transaction process. This allows members time to manage local operations and invest more time in GROWING their own business.

Furthering the service that NIK provides is a logistics team to accommodate the needs of the member retailers. Logistics are provided based on the capabilities of each individual member via rail or truck making the most economic sense. This competitive edge allows members to continually distance themselves from their competitors through superior service and price to their farmer customers.

To learn more about the Fertilizer Services of NIK or to inquire about a potential membership please contact NIK via email or call 1-800-242-0034.

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