9/13/2017 Market Update

Economic advantages of using mineral oil for dust control

NIK Dust Control Services

20 Years of experience in the grain business working for customers

NIK has transformed from being a “members only” service, to providing food and technical grade mineral oil from east coast to the west coast and from the gulf to Canada. After 20+ years in the industry we have the expertise and solutions to overcome dust issues including, but not limited to, grain dust, road dust, dry fertilizer dust and other contaminant issues across the industry. NIK’s ability to source product from multiple suppliers assures our ability to meet customer needs on a timely basis.

Dust Control Solutions (Solutions for safer and more productive operations)

Controlling dust with mineral oil not only improves employee safety and benefits the environment, but has also been proven to be the most efficient and cost effective means of dust control.  Mineral oil controls dust within commodity moves, decreases the amount of time required in housekeeping and sends the fugitive dust out with the grain or commodity being handled.  Selling the dust reduces handling loss and makes more sense than paying to dispose of it.  As little as a half-gallon of oil per thousand bushels of grain can reduce dust by up to 80%. Effective dust control can be achieved for up to six months or for six to eight handlings of the grain after the oil is applied.

Logistics Expertise (Better logistics provides more cost effective solutions)

The more than twenty years of logistical experience gained in the movement of commodities allows NIK to secure the most cost effective means to address our customer’s dust suppressant issues. NIK welcomes the opportunity to quote any size of business from drums or totes via LTL carrier to partial or full tanker loads up to full railcars.

To learn more about the Oil Services of NIK please contact NIK via email or call 1-800-242-0034.

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